About the IDRC

The second International Defence Rugby Competition will be held in the United Kingdom during October 2015 running alongside the Rugby World Cup hosted by England. Having taken part in the inaugural International Defence Rugby Competition held in Australia and New Zealand in 2011 all three home service Unions, The Royal Navy, The Army and The Royal Air Force will host a four team league in a service location, before teams progress through to the knockout stages and a final in London which will attract a large and passionate rugby audience two days before the Rugby World Cup Final at Twickenham.

The International Defence Rugby Competition 2015 has sought and received the formal recognition and support from England 2015 Rugby World Cup committee. The International Defence Rugby Competition planning committee has met with the CEO and Operational Manager and staff and received formal recognition and assurance of marketing, competition and venue hosting support.

The competition is being planned to be funded entirely from non public money and welcomes sponsor commitment to ensure the rugby teams of World Defence Nations can compete in a Rugby World Cup environment and experience the many positive factors that are brought by such a global event.

The History of International Defence Rugby Competition

Inaugural competition held in 2011 in Australia and New Zealand. Pool matches and quarter finals took place in Australia with the semi finals and Final taking place in New Zealand

12 teams competed

  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Air Force
  • British Army
  • Tongan Defence Services
  • French Armed Forces
  • New Zealand Defence Force
  • Samoa Police
  • Papua New Guinea Defence Force
  • Peoples Liberation Army (China)
  • South African National Defence Force
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Australian Defence Force

The Samoan Police beat the Tongan Defence Services 22-17 in the 3rd/4th play off

The competition was won by the British Army who beat the Australian Defence Force, 62-17 in the final